Important to know

MIM.365 has been continuously developed in several versions in over 10 years and a variety of customer requests have been taken into account. Most of our customers now achieve very good results with this version and adjustments are rarely necessary.

Especially important

MIM.365 is designed so that all essential functions - really all - can be parameterized via master data. This means that our customers are able to create machines or entire plants themselves without any special knowledge. This guarantees an extremely fast rollout of machines and locations.

But of course we are happy to support you or provide services if you wish.

Our key figures are based on industry standards

OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness

UF utilization factor

OAE Overall Asset Efficiency

MTTR Meantime to Repair

MTTF Meantime to Failure


... you can parameterize up to 10 key figures by yourself

Connectivity to other applications

Very often, data is exchanged with other applications in the planning or ERP area. Some are listed here.


Further connectivity is to BI Tools or the export to Excel.

On premise or hosted

You decide - both can make sense.

In any case, your employees can access the dashboards via any common WEB browser. And, of course, also mobile via tablet or smartphone.


Automatic recording of times and duration. Downtime reasons are assigned automatically or manually.

Planned and unplanned downtimes

The quality of the planned and unplanned downtimes the evaluations is important.
We can get downtimes transmitted and recorded automatically, that's one way.
In many projects, however, we have seen that the quality of information is much better when employees specify the causes. Why?

Because often the real reason is not necessarily a technical one that can be recognized automatically. And assigning responsibility to an employee leads to a much higher motivation to participate in problem- solvings.


Measured values for certain conditions shown on a time line

Recognize what conditions
which measured value was current.

Recognize courses in dependence
of certain products.

Detect outliers in the

Detect the speed of the
investments in certain conditions
or products.


We have experience with
Sensors, sensor technology

PLC protocols

Fieldbus protocols

Cloud, server solutions

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