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Benefit, Potential,


Data is the key to making the right decisions. We have seen and seen it again and again on over 4,000 digitized machineries.


The potential is enormous and is made visible with the right data.

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Real time information
+3 %

It has been the case with every project - the first 3% increase in productivity is achieved through real-time information. It is important from the information up to the shop floor is shared and made visible to all employees.

Loss of speed

The operation of machines with an unplanned cycle rate is often makes up for the most massive loss-maker.
Why? Because a reduced speed is not visible without data. We have often seen that a set-up process is delayed by reduced speed, especially before the end of the shift. And there are many other examples.

+5-15 %
+5-15 %
Planned and unplanned downtimes

Data help to work specifically on avoiding malfunctions and to avoid recurring unplanned downtimes. Disruptions often also occur in the organization because preparatory production measures have not been achieved in time. Planned downtimes such as set-up cleaning processes can be sustainably optimized using performance data.

Data-based service, predictive analytics

Using data and data patterns correctly enables timely action to be taken instead of just reacting.

The potential is enormous.


For OEMs there is potential with service-oriented services to increase after sales and to deepen customer relationships in the long term.

for manufacturer
optimized services
for OEMs

Quality characteristics, employee performance, utilization

Potential for increasing profitability through data can still be found in many areas.


There is often a connection between machine types, products, or employees.

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