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Business cases

We support smaller producers, sometimes with only two machines, but also up to global companies that operate many production sites. We are also working with machine manufacturers to provide additional or new business models for OEMs to provide.


Smaller producers with few machineries

The availability of machines is very important for producers with few machines, since no alternatives are available in the event of an unplanned outage. Automatic recording of operating times and fault patterns help prevent possible failures.

Producers with several, often globally distributed
production sites

Comprehensive MES solutions are very often too complex, complicated and also too expensive to implement in several plants. Our platform solves exactly this problem.
Technically implementable by local staff, expandable and supportable by company staff due to its high level of standardization. And it can be rolled out globally using the SaaS payment model without large investment costs.

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We enable equipment 
builder to operate service-oriented business models

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New services such as EaaS, PpU, but also condition-based services often enable OEMs new sales opportunities in after sales and customer relationships to deepen over the life of the machines.

We can support OEMs very well with our simple connectivity, especially when retrofitting machineries that have already been delivered.


Other business cases - also for non-industry organizations or applications

Data or information is or will become more important or necessary for survival for a wide variety of business models.


Our solution provides events 24 hours a day without gaps and shows both positive and negative conditions and developments.


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