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Digital business models in after sales

Condition monitoring & predictive analystics
Effectivinies (OEE) measurement, evaluation and increasement

Equipment builder

We often support OEMs in the development of digital business models based on data.


Condition-based services often enable OEMs in after sales to operate new sales opportunities and customer relationships over the lifetime of the machines.

Above all, our service already applies
delivered machineries.

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Condition monitoring and predictive analytics
As easy as with a car:
Know in time and exactly
when and what to do.

Get critical or future critical conditions reported automatically.
A service insurance
based on data

It is often the case that machines are delivered and therefore no information about the machines is available. In the after sales, an ongoing customer relationship could be established or deepened through data.

The potential with a customer-oriented solution, especially with machines that have already been (long) delivered, is enormous.

business models
for equipment builder
What is it all about

An offer so that your customers always know that you will be informed in good time and preventively before a failure can occur.


Runtimes, certain (critical) faults, certain measured values ​​can be identified with the help of algorithms in order to make a prediction of possible damage.


It is a service insurance.

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plastic injection molding purple transpa
Win / Win between
Equipment builder & Manufacturer

Imagine someone telling you in advance that your machines could have a long unplanned downtime.

You can prevent this in good time with specific measures.



Imagine that you have information about actual operating hours and fault patterns in order to proactively suggest measures to your customers so that an unplanned downtime does not occur at all.

New Income Stream
How can you make money?

It is a SaaS model with which you generate monthly / quarterly earnings.
Simply start to pick up your customer. With a flat fee per month, your customer can be sure that no critical alarms will be missed and that measures will be suggested immediately.

Recognizing fault patterns in connection with running times and measured values can significantly improve the quality of the information and you can expand your service in after sales through additional offers regarding spare parts, maintenance etc.

Effectivinies (OEE) measurement, evaluation and enhancement
Many companies think in terms of sustainable and continuous improvements and want to increase and maintain a level of efficiency.
This requires data on all major events on a production line and its environment.
According to the slogan
'You can only manage what you can measure'
Productivity dashboards
Information must be made available in such a way that it can be understood immediately.
Our dashboards are structured in exactly the same way. Regardless of whether you want to see a machine, a machine group, an entire location or your entire organization - the information is always provided using the same calculation algorithms.
Local or global.
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In Echtzeit 


We know connectivity is often the key to making a project successful. That's why we're making it very easy for you.

The production data point (cycle, malfunction, measured value, vibration ...) is always automatically included in the production dashboard.


As soon as a message is recognized, the transfer, creation of the data point in the database and assignment in the production dashboard takes place automatically.


We support various connectivity options - it has to fit the requirements but also be simple enough to enable a holistic solution across lines.

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Information should answer questions

Do I achieve my productivity goals?
What are the reasons why I do not achieve goals, why do some products perform better?
Why is the number of cycles lower in the night shift?
How is the machine utilization?
What is the workload?

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Our service

Plug & Use - connectivity

With or without network connection
With or without PLC connection

Sensor independent of the machine data
Additional or with existing sensors

Analytics - reporting
on terms, faults, fault patterns

Automatic alarm


Ongoing operation of the application

Everything so that you can continue to focus on your core business.


Flat rate
SaaS model without investment costs


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White labeling


Voices from the "Internet"

There are a number of studies, surveys, and some lighthouse projects that shed light on OEMs' market opportunities related to data, predictive analytics, business models and customer relationships. Some statements are summarized here.

"Predictive maintenance is a key topic in the German machine builder industry."
"Only some companies already have specific predictive analytics offers."
"Assessing customer benefits is primarily an increase in performance."
"Significant growth impulses for your service business through predictive maintenance."
"Different pricing models for predictive maintenance."
"A predictive system is based on an approach for every production object.
Data is collected and analyzed in real time from multiple connected sources (such as temperature and vibration sensors) to predict when an error could occur. "
"Analysis systems and associated algorithms process the data and look for anomalies and potential error patterns in each individual asset."

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to profit from databased services. 
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