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Knowing your manufacturing data.

Made easy.

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Many projects have repeatedly shown that this is about:

Condition know your conditions, especially the critical ones.

Predictive respond proactively to recurring events.

Effectivinies continuously increase the effectiveness with data.

Our solution is consistent from
# 1 connectivity to # 5 cost-saving dashboards

"Continuous connectivity means your production
data point in ONE Minute in your production dashboard "

#1 Connectivity
As we know connectivity is often the key to making a project successful. That is why we make connectivity very easy for you.

The production data point (cycle, fault, measured value, vibration) always comes automatically into the production dashboard.
As soon as a message is recognized, the transfer, creation of the data point in the database and assignment in the production dashboard take place automatically.
① in 1 minute
     - ready to go

Cycle signal, vibration, measured value are transferred to the production database via the IO link. Without any network or engineering. The sensor is managed with master data in such a way that an automatic assignment to the machine in the corresponding production location is immediately possible.

② in 1 hour
     - quickly available

Cycle signals, faults and measured values are transferred to the IO link via the machine PLC or existing sensors. Everything else goes without engineering or network. The transferred states are managed via master data so that they are automatically assigned to the equipment.

③ in +1 day  
     - with think over

Using the industrial protocols Profinet, Profibus, OPC UA or databases, data is transferred directly from the machine PLC. The data is automatically transferred again via master data management without any further engineering.

# 2 Productivity Dashboards
Information must be made available in such a way that it can be understood immediately.
Our dashboards are built exactly for this. Regardless of whether you want to see a machine, a machine group, an entire location or your entire organization - the information is always provided with the same calculation algorithms.
Local or global.

In Echtzeit 


Information should answer questions

Do I achieve my productivity goals?
What are the reasons why I do not achieve goals, why do some products perform better?
Why is the number of cycles lower in the night shift?
How is the machine utilization?
What is the workload?

Increase your output

Information available at any time


Increase the contribution margin

OEM ready

# 3 Service reports, Predictive
We calculate different service reports based on actual operating times or cycle numbers.
Disruption patterns enable predictive measures to prevent standstills as far as possible and to initiate measures in good time.

Data, the basis for machine manufacturers to offer service-oriented business models for customers.
# 4 Measurements, Quality,
We record your measurements.
24 hours, 365 days a year. Everything and completely.

Recognize deviations, critical measured values ​​and initiate measures.
We document your product quality.
Automatically or via visual input, via product photos or drawings.

In real time if you want.
# 5 Know your Costs?
We will show you your actual and planned costs.

We tell you where and when you lose money.

Was it a loss of speed?
Was it an unplanned downtime?
Was it an organizational problem?

In real time if you want.

Cost Saving Dashboard

How does the MIM.365 platform work?

MIM.365 is available as an on-premise or hosted server solution.
We think very strongly in standards, thus we can guarantee a very quick integration of equipment or entire locations.

Safe and

One-stop solution
nd ready to use

over 4,000
digitized machineries

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