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Long before Industry 4.0 became a mainstream topic, we developed information solutions to bring production data from different equipment types, machine generations and control technology into the office environment as a uniform and easily understandable solution. The learning was often that the connectivity to machines has to be solved easily and that many customers need the same kind of information. Do I achieve my goals, yes or no, and if not, why not. The result is a lean dashboard solution that is often managed by our customers without any programming effort.


Some of our customers come from the automotive supply industry as well as from the global food industry and require strict confidentiality agreements. Therefore, we cannot publicly name reference names.

What we can say is:

We have more than 15 years of experience, have around 4,000 monitored machineries and customers in more than 10 countries and 3 continents. Our customers are both smaller manufacturer and manufacturer from the S&P 500 and all have increased their processes and productivity.


Managing director

Serial Entrepreneur for many years with stays in Silicon Valley and Tokyo.

"Our solutions are always based on the benefit for our customers and 'keep it as simple as possible' in order to achieve a high level of acceptance across all company levels."



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Automotive supplier industry: "Thanks to OEE monitoring across 3 continents, we have real-time information about machines or products. Or even entire locations, departments or product groups. MIM.365 helps us to quickly identify deficits or to identify utilization potential. You really have to say it has helped us save millions of euros in recent years. "
Filling industry: "It was also important for us to have the installation as simple as possible and to be able to expand the system ourselves over and over again using the master data and adapt it to our processes. MIM.365 certainly has a lot of experience here and is an optimal solution for us to be completely paperless to get our reporting and data exchange with SAP has taken place. "
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