Competence center of M4.0 (OEE)
Our goal is to help manufacturer in different branches to
increase OEE and save costs sustainable !

Our Competences

For more than 15 years, long before Industry 4.0 became a mainstream topic we build up our solution togehter with manufacturer from different branches.
The result is a lean dashboard solution that tells you do I achieve my productivity goals, yes or no, and if not, why not. Do I loose money or do I save money.
MIM.365 Manufacturing Benchmark Platform
Establish software to monitor Manufacturing KPI's like OEE in realtime across plants or countries in different industries. More than
 4,000 connected machineries, customers in more than 10 countries and 3 continents from both smaller manufacturer and manufacturer from the S&P 500 - and all have increased their productivity sustainable.
Lean Consulting
Experience cost cutting and increasing OEE. Experience cost cutting and increasing OEE. Experience cost cutting and increasing OEE. 
Experience cost cutting and increasing OEE. Experience cost cutting and increasing OEE. Experience cost cutting and increasing OEE. 

Our Customer say

  • “Our biggest differentiator is productivity. We had passive OEE and now we have active OEE.”
  • “The key to better productivity is not just to track performance, but to act on problems in real-time.”
  • “We now have a tool to communicate to the people on the shop floor that our performance can improve. Customers can see and believe in what we’re doing to improve on time delivery”
  • “The OEE data provided improves human as well as machine-to-machine communications.”
  • “We believe we can use data to motivate employees with a shared understanding of how we can be more productive, and that’s what it’s all about.”
  • “Immediate 3-6% increase in machine utilization after real-time dashboards were displayed. Due to the transparent production processes, it was possible increase OEE more than 10%“

Our Customer ROI

ROI Return of Investment Automotive supplier

Short time
‘Immediate 3-6% increase in machine utilization after real-time dashboards were displayed’
‘Incentive for employees to increase their productivity’
19 Shift model -> savings 5h/week -> savings 20h/month/line (OEE+ 3%)

Long time
‘Depending on line due the transparent production processes and through precise capacity planning, it was possible to save 30% in personnel and increase OEE in average by 10%’
19 Shift model -> savings 15h/week -> savings 60h/month/line (OEE+ 9%)
                           -> Save 30% in personnel -> savings 40h/month/line  (0.25 employee)
Summary: Average savings 120h/month/line
Through precise capacity planning in the company temporary workers are called off early enough
Penalty payments are prevented as a result of a lack of delivery reliability
Interface to ERP system reduce risk of the input of wrong data and save time 
ROI Result (expected after 6 month consulting + digitization)
Machines/plant:                          15
Average machine costs/h:        IDR 800.000  (operators + machinery costs)
Average savings personal:         30h/month/line    
Savings Total h:                             450h/month/plant
Savings Total €:                            IDR 360.000.000/month/plant
MIM.365 License costs:               IDR 15.000.000/month/plant (no inv., monthly payment)
Our promise
Increasing Productivity OEE +  Save Costs Sustainable

We guarantee it.
If it doesn't work, you don't have to pay anything. 
Competence Center - The Core Team 
Sugimin Alfarizi 
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Michael Bruckberger
Serial Entrepreneur for many years with stays in Silicon Valley and Tokyo.
"Our solutions are always based on the benefit for our customers and 'keep it as simple as possible' in order to achieve a high level of acceptance across all company levels."
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