Competence center
of M4.0 (OEE)

Become Partner or Shareholder
of a Game-Changing Team

Our goals
We want to be the leading company in Indonesia to help manufacturers in various industries to increase the OEE and to save costs sustainably through digitization and consulting.
What we are looking for
We are looking for industry experts, lean experts, IIot experts or sales experts. with> 10 years of experience and contacts in various branches of industry, mainly food industry, bottling industry, automotive supplier, plastic and metal industry.
Our Offer
Become part of the success of the Competence Center M4.0, actively shape the strategy of the company and take part in decisions.
  • Become a partner or shareholder in MIM.365 Indonesia
  • Receive additional discounts from license sales
  • Benefit from exchanging experiences with other shareholders
About us

We are from the heart of Europe, from Austria. Our background is more than 15 years digitization, long before Industry 4.0 became a mainstream topic we build up our solution togehter with manufacturer.
MIM.365 Manufacturing Benchmark Platform
Establish software to monitor Manufacturing KPI's like OEE in realtime across plants or countries in different industries. More than
 4,000 connected machineries, customers in more than 10 countries and 3 continents from both smaller manufacturer and manufacturer from the S&P 500 - and all have increased their productivity sustainable.
Lean Consulting
Experience in cost cutting and increasing OEE.