Industry 4.0 ready!


Worldwide Machine Sensors from Shop Floor to Top Floor!


Industry 4.0 manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly complex

Frost & Sullivan sees in Industry 4.0 the solution to the challenges of industrial production in the 21st century. Industrial plants around the world would have to be connected by a huge number of sensors in a way that signals can be used in every segment of the value chain. It is a matter of the communication between different industrial software systems, the machinetomachine communication with real-time data analysis.

Manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly complex, the  pressure on margins is driving end users to look for innovative products and services,” according to Frost & Sullivan report. New software solutions in the production would have to be inserted  into existing planning processes (ERP Enterprise Resource Planning). Challenge is to increase overall equipment effectiveness through continuous improvement, Lean Manufacturing andJust-inTime’ programs.

MIM.365 goes to Industry 4.0

Worldwide Cost & Productivity dashboard from Shop Floor to Top Floor



  • Allows global OEE-benchmarking across all plants over various time zones and languages
  • A global Cost Saving & Productivity Dashboard for plants, machines, orders, products
  • Completely web-based and accessible through all standard browsers and smart devices
  • Supports communication to different external interfaces or machines (API, OPC, Siemens, Rockwell etc.)
  • Top Level

    Worldwide machine productivity and costs in realtime in one Dashboard.

    Be informed about real costs and productivity of your shop floor machines. It’s like a stock report, you easily will find your winner and looser.

in one dashboard from an overall view to your plant in China to your single machine somewhere in Hungary to your products in Chile or orders in UK.
In realtime or historical views!

  • Operative Level

    Production Manager, Maintenance Manager, Planning Manager as well as Controlling use information in their daily business to optimize processes.

    Right, clear and realtime information across departments helps to increase productivity and saves thousands of euros shift by shift, day by day..


  • Shop floor

    Operators are the key to find weaknesses on shop floor level.

    Giving them information about their current performance in very clear numbers is our experience! People want to reach their goals – but to be the best they need the best information about their productivity.

Machine connector
Connect your cycle counter or production signal directly to our standard interface to get out the main information and save it directly in our database. MIM.365 supports different other protocols to communicate directly with machine PLC’s. Or if you already have a database with machine information, we can connect directly via API interface.

  • Project

    MIM.365 is designed as a cloudbased solution with high standard for integration.
    You can start your project on your key machines on Monday and you will have information on Friday. Same week. Because we have learned from our customers what is their need.
    You can integrate all your machines as well as the whole plant in MIM.365 by local staff. That helps to save time and costs.

  • Pricing

    Another good news.
    You don’t have to invest in a complex software.
    Just pay what you need.
    With a flat rate monthly or based on numbers on integrated machines.
    No risk on your side.