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MIM365 | MIM365


Your machine key data.

In one place.

In Realtime.


for companies with factories around the globe

  • GOAL


Saving Costs. Shift by shift. Day by day…

  • HOW

Monitoring machine productivity with real costs.
In Realtime.

  • NOTE

Increase of  just 1.5%  of machine  availability can save thousands of EUROS. Shift by shift. Day by day.

Ref. to Business Case Quality +0,8%  => 277.000 € saved Availability +2,6%  => 188.000 € saved

Cost Saving Cockpit.
In Realtime.

  • OEE
  • Overall Equipment Efficency
  • MIM.365

MIM.365 generates manufacturing key Data from machines (OEE).
In Realtime.

  • MI
  • Manufacturing Intelligence
  • MIM.365.MI

MIM.365.MI displays machine productivity numbers & real costs in Cost Saving Cockpits as well as in Manufacturing Intelligence Reports.

  • BI
  • Business Intelligence
  • MIM.365.BI

MIM.365.BI directly connects to Business Intelligences Application.
(SAP, Qlikview…)

Cost Saving Cockpit for worldwide plants

  • At a glance

    Factories around the globe – all manufacturing data in one dashboard. You can navigate from the global view to every single machine of one of your plants. You can analyse downtimes with regards to plants, machines, products, orders etc. Because it’s cloudbased. All data are in one database.

  • Realtime

    Machine cycles are connected by webinterface to the MIM.365 server. You will have realtime information about downtimes, quantities, Quality – all the time  24/7/365. You can transfer realtime data to other reports for Manufacturing Intelligences or Business Intelligences analysis.
    Realtime is always the key to increased productivity and detecting weaknesses in processes.

  • Easy to install

    MIM.365 is driven by customer requirements for easy and fast installation and can be customized by the customer.
    Yes, it’s possible to start a project on Monday and have information on friday (same week).
    Because MIM.365 supports a very high level of standard and you can use it without any special training.
    It’s designed “What you see is what you get”.

Business value of Machine KPI’s

  • Business Intelligences (BI)

    Strategy decisions on
    Plant location
    Machine investment
    Product/Product groups

  • Manufacturing Intelligence (MI)

    Optimize shop floor processes
    Plant utilization
    Operating costs
    Preventive Maintenance

  • Machine KPI’s (OEE)

    Measure Productivity
    Increase productivity
    Machine utilization
    Supply Chain

Worldwide Realtime Machine KPI’S (OEE)


Manufacturing Cockpit to navigate between factories, production units, machines, products, orders

OEE = Quality * Performance * Availability

Worldwide Manufacturing Intelligence (MI)


Manufacturing Intelligence application use data from machine KPI’s for additional reports as well statistics for preventive maintenance, capacity planning and simulation based on different parameters (shift, OEE etc).

Business Intelligence (BI) Applications


Machine KPI’s merged with ERP data gives you exact information about real costs.
Cost savings reports help to identify contribution margins based on products or orders.

‘Manufacturing leaders use dashboards as the mechanism to translate operational data into metrics that align with corporate strategy’

Manufacturing Intelligence represents manufacturing KPI‘s direct from shopfloor to create real Business value

If you don’t know exactly your Quality or Availability numbers in Realtime the consequence is simply that you don’t know if you lose money today or if there is anything you can do about it.