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MIM365 | Business Case
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Business Case

465.000 € saved in one year

on one productgroup - across your factories

just by having realtime data from shop floor

Business Case – Summary

Project: 6 factories in Europe and Asia, 3 shift production, high volume, medium level of automation, competitive prices.
Goal: Transfer all relevant data of all factories  in realtime in one manufacturing Dashboard.

The businesscase is representative for many similar cases where a considerable increase in productivity has been achieved only by prodviding reliable data in realtime from the production line. This is done by combining contribution margin and monitoring these in all departments. No additional measure needed.


Costs per part 14,15 €

Costs per hour machine 260,03 €

Produced parts per year 2.000.000

Shop floor

Quality factor  increased
from 97,12% to 97,98%  =>0,86%

Availability factor increased
from 85,21% to 87,85%  =>2,64%


Quality factor  increased
=>0,86% => 277.000 € saved

Availability factor increased
=>2,64% => 188.000 € saved

Summary => 465.000 € saved


Initial situation

Shop Floor (OEE machines)

Manually tracking OEE numbers on paper

Limited reliable information

Lacking Realtime monitoring

Manufacturing Intelligence

Using Excel for reports

Limited access for users

Limited analysing reports

Business Intelligence

No connection between actual shop floor numbers and product calculation.

Time-consuming to creation of reports to present the true cost of production.



Machines are connected to machine cycle.

Automatic recording of downtimes and produced parts (good/bad).

Specification of downtimes by operator.

Realtime information of downtimes and produced parts (good/bad).

Manufacturing reports based on shift, orders, days, weeks etc.

Access for everybody (based on user rights).

Predefind Business Intelligence reports.

Reports available by one click.

Information about real costs without delay.


About the project

  • Duration

    1. Identify a responsible person for the OEE project
     Give this person training for OEE, master data, Background information

    2. Identify a pilot line, install cycle Counter by local electrician (1 day)
    Supply of MIM Server (PC or virtual) by local IT (1 day)
    Install MIM Server (PC) by remote access ( 1 day)
    Parameterize Masterdata (Machine, Products, Codes) (1 day)
    Installation ready within 1 week

    3. Run Pilot:  6 weeks   (learning, optimizing, communication…)

    4. Roll Out:  Install cycle counter per machine (1/2 – 1 day)
    Install Operator hardware per machine (1/2 day
    Parameterize Masterdata per machine (2 hour)

  • Implementation

    Define a champion on shop floor level to create a positive momentum.
    Start with machine KPI’s to have the best data source for next steps.
    Share information with different departments to create the highest possible business value.

  • Experience

    Project is driven by Management.
    An increase of productivity often starts with displaying the productivity numbers for everybody to see.
    Use realtime information to find weaknesses on a daily basis. 






some examples – some customer statements

“We find our performance at a glance”

“From everywhere MIM.365 puts crucial information in front of my team every minute of every day. It brilliantly captures information.”
Worldwide – for factories around the globe.

“MIM.365 dashboard
is fantastic”

” … and runs right at the heart of our business, keeping the whole team up-to-date at a glance.”
Worldwide – production KPI’s in realtime.

Worldwide – reports for everybody

Business dashboard success – the excitement has spread
Providing such a stripped-down dashboard has really worked for them and it has meant that it’s now not just the production team that keeps an eye on their screen.  “Engineers, support folks all walk by and comment on how we’re doing at that point in the day – ‘hmm, we seem like we’re having a slow day’ or ‘wow, we’ve already hit 100 and it’s only 11am’. It’s created an excitement in the shopfloor”.