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MIM365 | Customers

What are your machines really doing?

Our customers run factories around the globe.

MIM.365 runs worldwide – because MIM.365 is cloudbased.

More than 1.000 machines around the globe.


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From Tokyo to Montevideo and everywhere in between, customers from all over the world are using MIM.365 dashboard to monitor machine KPI’s, plant capacity, downtimes and improve the efficiency of their business operations and more.

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Discrete producers with factories around the globe.
High volume. High pressure on price.
Same goals increasing productivity by finding leaks and weak spots in the production.
Due to privacy reasons it’s not allowed to disclose our customers’ names

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Our customers are working in the food industry, automotive industry, consumer goods.

Our Software is also used by consultants in these branches.

Data driven business

Worldwide Manufacturing Cockpit

  • Shop floor data

    Reliable machine data are the basis for finding weaknesses on the shop floor level as well as for all other reports on office level.

  • Manufacturing Intelligence

    Manufacturing application helps the supply chain management to optimize processes as well as it gives a look into the future about capacity of machines or plants.

  • Business Intelligence

    Machine data and ERP data are the datasource for business reports to supply you with reliable information for strategic decisions.

For factories around the globe


PC, tablet, smartphone-access from everywhere.



MIM.365 supports data exchange to different business softwares.

CLOUD based because

  • Access from everywhere

    It doesn’t matter if your factory is located in Stuttgart or somewhere in Beijing. You will have access from everywhere. Everytime.
    From your PC, tablet or smartphone you will  get realtime data in your manufacturing cockpit.

  • Easy to connect machines

    Our innovative cloudbased technology enables direct connection to machine cycles and transfer of data directly to the MIM.365 server. It’s not a miracle it’s more plug and play.

  • One Standard = One Result

    Successful software is always based on reliable standards for users.
    Standards help to expand the application.
    With standards you will get the right performance numbers based on same calculation.