Ing. Michael Bruckberger

Ing. Michael Bruckberger

CEO and Founder

»Our innovative software and services enable companies of all sizes to increase efficiency quickly and easily. We integrate, expand and connect business processes and create optimal procedures that also allow for international business requirements.»
CEO and Founder


We have learned in many projects that managers want to have information on the point and not data data data….
About that we designed our MIM.365 to have all relevant information in one Dashboard.
“One click principle” – you can always navigate between factories, branches, machines just with one click.
Keep ist simple and clear.

Thank You

many thanks to John,  Josef, Stefan, Pat, Ian and lots of other customers around the world who believe in our solution.

10 Years of experience

For more than 10 years we have been helping and supporting customers with innovative software solutions in the field of Manufacturing Intelligence.  Our solutions are driven by customer requirements.
This is the key to our success. And we have learned to keep it as simple as possible.

Our Customers

Due to privacy reasons it’s not allowed to disclose our customers’ names on our website. Most of them are global manufactures in branches with high pressure on prices.
But we can tell you that we support customers in different branches like food industry, automotive suppliers, consumer goods.
Our customers usually have different manufacturing locations, some of them around the world. Their goals are always to get KPI’s from their shop floor reliable and quickly, which allows them possible to make the right decisions and create business value.


We are looking for consultants, experts in branches, IT companies with focus on implementation to support customers with their specific knowledge.